Phi Ta Khon Festival Loei Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide Phi Ta Khon Festival Loei

Phi Ta Khon Festival Loei Thailand Travel GuideLoei Tourism Business Association is organising two types of trips to celebrate the Phi Ta Khon Festival. Phi Ta Khon is a Buddhist tradition celebrated by young men who wear spirit masks and parade around town playfully teasing passers-by. At the price of Bt690 for a one-day trip and Bt1,790 for a two-day, one night trip, you'll not only have a chance to attend the festival, but also get the chance to make a Phi Ta Khon mask by yourself and visit tourist attractions including Phra That Sri Songrak and the largest vineyards in the country. The trip is scheduled for June 15-16. For more details, contact 0-4281-2772 or 0-4281-2812.

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Boat Ride in Klong Prakanong Bangkok Thailand Travel Guide

Boat Ride in Klong Prakanong Bangkok Thailand Travel GuideThe Bangkok Tourist Bureau has organised a one-day boat trip through Klong Prakanong. The trip takes you to Wat Mahabut, widely known as Wat Mae Nak Prakanong, to pay respects to the legendary statue of Mae Nak, whose life was a testament to true love, then on a visit to the local Klong community of wooden floating houses. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend and study the history of the Muslim Tang Kwai mosque. Your contribution of Bt350 for the trip covers lunch, transportation, guides and services, as well as life insurance. For more information, call 02-225-7612-4

Fruit-tasting festival in Rayong Thailand Travel Guide

Fruit-tasting festival in Rayong Thailand Travel GuideFruit is the theme of this May's Thailand Grand Festival with the focus on the abundant fruit orchards of eastern Thailand. This fruit fair will take place in Rayong from May 4 to 12, featuring tours to local fruit orchards to taste a rich variety of succulent fruits such as rambutans, mangosteens, durians and more. The venue is set at the central market of Tambon Tapong in the Muang Rayong district. Highlights include parades of colourful floats decorated with fruit and flowers, beauty pageants, fruit contests, local handicrafts and agricultural produce displays. Visitors can also enjoy fruit tasting buffets at local fruit orchards during the fair for only Bt30 per person. The fair will also hold a special seafood buffet for Bt100 per person. TAT said this year's festival will emphasise fruit quality and expects up to 200,000 visitors to the nine-day fair.

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